A shiny new OS debuts from the Korean shores. It is called BADA and is set to lock horns with the might of Apple and Google

Glancing back in the recent past, say about a decade ago, the Symbian OS offered the best it could, and Nokia was probably the most popular handset manufacturer. Fastforward ten years and the same OS is as loved as the good old yellow- black taxis you find in Mumbai.

They get the job done, but more often than not, you hate them. Apple’s mobile operating system, which the world got to experience for the first time on the iPhone in 2007, with dropped jaws, may I add, was the new sports car of mobile operating systems. It was slick to work with and delicious to look at. Android in the last year or so has boosted its grip to even higher levels and is dangerously close to out-performing the Apple iOS, that currently runs on the iPhone 4. While the two biggies set themselves up for battle royale, Samsung, debuts its very own mobile OS.

They called it ‘Bada’ which in Korean means, ‘Ocean’, and quite frankly after experiencing it first hand on the Samsung Wave, at the launch, I can safely say, that its got what it takes to shine within the mobile OS realm. Simply put, Samsung wants to put premium features in the hands of everyday mobile users. Which is why, you get, multipoint-touch, 3D graphics, an enhanced UI, application downloads and installation.

The Bada OS also extends support for API plugs for features such as, GPS navigation, accelerometers, proximity and ambient light sensors, and even compasses.

Flash, which is completely left out by the Apple OS, is supported by Bada, and the good bit is that it supports HTML 5.

The built-in web browser christened ‘Dolphin’ supports Flash video and you can download files in the background. You can even purchase apps via Samsung’s very own app store, and even take advantage of push notification.

All this works superbly on the new Wave, Samsung’s new Super AMOLED display touchscreen phone.

The Bada OS is complemented well by the blazing fast 1GHz processor. Other features include a 5MP camera with support to record videos at 720p, Wi-Fi, A-GPS and more. It would be interesting to see how the developer community embraces the Bada OS. Since mobile apps are the current in thing, they will play a huge part in the success of the Bada OS.

For now, i am thoroughly impressed with the fluidity that the Bada OS offers. Plus the feature set is robust enough for users to sit up and take notice.

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